Jason Cleverly has produced interactive works for museums throughout the UK including the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (2007); the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham (2006); the Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent (2004);The Hunt Museum Limerick Ireland (2003) Shipley Museum & Art Gallery Gateshead (2003), as well as public artworks such as The Green Man (2003) for the Midlands Transport Authority, Birmingham. He is Course Director of Contemporary Crafts at University College Falmouth.

Tim Shear is the Research Technologist with the iRes research group. His current technical explorations are focused around: mobile apps, open source network technologies, physical/environmental interactions within network devices and calm interfaces; his programming supports the artists and researchers in the group.

Tim Shear developed specifications for the technical foundations for both the online version of the project ( and the museum installation designed by Jason. Tim used Drupal as a digital hub to power Adobe Flash-based on-screen imagery displayed within Jason?s design. In the online version, users can watch the project grow and can also search through the entries online. Tim brought in Celtic Internet - developers of complex data-driven Internet based applications including Digital Pen & Paper solutions - as the commercial partner and technological consultants to collaborate on the project.

Special thanks to Andrew Harbert, MA Design course leader at University College Falmouth, for his help and advice.

Organisations and Institutions

Celtic Internet is a solutions provider specialising in the development of complex data-driven Internet based applications such as Ticketing Systems, Content Management Systems, Digital Pen & Paper, Information Storage and Retrieval Systems. For more information about the Celtic Internet visit their website at

iRes Research in Network Art is a research group at University College Falmouth. iRes has been researching the relationship between networks and art, art and technology, distributed networks and protocols, new media curating, media art and theory, the impact of digital media on contemporary culture, and the changing relationship between audience, curator and artist. More information on iRes can be found at

The Autonomatic research team have been successfully exploring ways of implementing computer aided design and manufacture with traditional making skills, challenging perception of the boundaries between craft and industrial production with the aim of developing contemporary craft processes for 21st century design practice. To find out more about Autonomatic visit

The University Library provides print and digital resources and information services to staff and students from University College Falmouth and the University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus. The Library has a wide range of resources to support research, inspiration and innovation. More information on the University Library service can be found at